Sunday Funday

This past Sunday, I picked Jackie up and we headed over to Berkley for a fun day of eating and shopping.  Our main reason for going across the Bay was the Crate & Barrel outlet.  I have been several times before, but this time was a let down.  They didn’t have much of anything.  I left with a tiny carpet to put in front of the door and tupperware.  For some reason, I really love tupperware.  Strange, I know.  Afterwards, we were both hungry so we headed to Zachary’s for a famous deep dish pizza.

We purposely got a huge one so we would have leftovers.  I wanted Bryan to be able try it.

After stuffing our bellies, we headed to a furniture store to look around.  We found this great statue.

I couldn’t resist.

The best stop of the day was Anthropologie.  Jackie found some great stuff.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Funday

  1. What a great day! We need some more Sunday Fundays before the baby comes 🙂 I don’t think he or she will enjoy our leisurely shopping trips and lunches.

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