Successful lunch break

Today I had a successful lunch break with my gal Jackie!  I brought leftovers from the other night which I ate at my desk so I could walk to Nordstrom with her to return some nail polish.  On our way we stopped in Bloomingdales because I wanted to try the Chanel eyebrow pencil.  I read about it in a magazine and wanted to try it since it will last for years.  The makeup guy was great!  After he put the eyebrow pencil on, he freshened up both of our makeup.  He also told us  how pretty we were and that always wins my heart.  Instead of getting the eyebrow pencil, I opted for the lipstick.  It was a bit pricier than I would normally spend, but it felt like velvet on my lips.  Jackie and I each got the same color, Liberte.

Not only is the color beautiful, but it is nice and shiny!  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  I like that it is a color I wouldn’t have picked out for myself.  We both left with 2 nice sized samples of mascara.

I love finding new makeup. I am going to put a list together of all my favorites.


2 thoughts on “Successful lunch break

  1. You know I love makeup! I miss shopping with you and talking about shopping when we are not actually doing it.

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