nice ‘n easy it was

At the rate things are going I might be completely gray before this baby gets here.  Tonight I had a few minutes to kill before meeting Bryan for dinner.  I decided to go into Ulta to see what was new.  I didn’t need any makeup and they don’t carry my current favorites, I looked at the hair products.  I remembered seeing a root touch-up kit on tv or in a magazine and since my grays come out of nowhere I decided to try it. After debating for a few minutes on if I should get medium brown or dark brown, I went for medium brown.  One of the nice things about nice ‘n easy root touch-up is that it will match any color, even salon brands magically.  I was afraid dark brown  might be too dark so I went for the medium brown.

I got home and tried it.  It was so easy to do.  You mix the color, apply with a handy little brush to your roots and rinse in 10 minutes ( a bit longer if your gray is stubborn like mine.

I thought this was a better option than going to the salon to get new color and it was a bargain at $6.  I will be using this again!   Next time I may try the dark brown though.  I think I might be in between colors.


One thought on “nice ‘n easy it was

  1. Being pregnant sucked all of the color out of my hair and the sight out of my eyes. It’s all worth it though.

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