Maternity Clothes

I received a funny email at work today.  Here is part of it:

Am I right in assuming you are pregnant? So hope that is all going well for you.  How long before you are off work?

I guess I am showing more than I thought.  🙂  Luckily, his assumption was right.

When I first started looking for maternity clothes, I was a bit discouraged.  I didn’t want to spend too much money on them and they all seemed pricey.  Since then, I have found my favorite places to go.  I hope this helps if you ever are looking for maternity clothes.

-Friends- this is the first place to look.  Friends will offer you their maternity clothes which is great.  Remember this when you have a friend that is prego.

Gap– like regular Gaps store, NEVER buy anything full price.  Heck, don’t even buy anything unless it is on sale plus an additional 30%-50% off.  Some of my favorite tops have come from Gap.  They don’t look like typical maternity clothes and are cute.  They also offer free shipping once you hit $50, but you can only return by mail.

Old Navy– good for maternity jeans.  They have different cuts that fit nicely.  You can usually find a coupon as well.

Kohl’s– I wasn’t too impressed.  I found it to be more expensive than I wanted to spend on shirts and not much variety.

-KMart- surprisingly cute and very affordable.   When I went, there was a $9.99 rack

These are the places I have been too so far.  You should also check your closet to see what will work throughout.  Long shirts are key.  Also, empire waist dresses.

Here are some pictures of a few of my maternity looks so far:

shirt: Kmart, $9.99

shirt: Kmart, $9.99

jeans: Old Navy, $34.99

dress: my closet from Private Galleryshirt: Gap, price not sure, I ordered 5 and paid $50 for all 5.

capris: Old Navy from a friend!


Today was an exciting day!  We had the ultrasound.  I will update on Friday once we talk to the Dr.  Pics to come!


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