All-In-One Sandwiches

Since Bryan got in late last night, we decided to sleep in a little this morning and drive into work.  This worked out nicely since it was  a rainy day here!  This has been the 2nd rainiest June in history for the area.  Bryan picked me up after work and we headed to his favorite restaurant in the city, Giordano Bros.

Giordano Bros. is a no frills bar that specializes in Pittsburgh style sandwiches.  They have the meat, slaw, and fries all on super soft bread.  We always get the hot cappicola and split a side of onion rings.  I get my sandwich with a fried egg.  I think I ate it in one bite tonight!  I first had one of these sandwiches at Primante Bros in Pittsburgh for our first anniversary.

Now that I have a full belly, I am going to lay in bed while I watch the finale  of the Voice!  I am  rooting for Dia or Beverly!


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