Just being a Gal

Since Bryan is away this weekend I thought it would be a great weekend to just be a gal!  Yesterday, I woke and made myself get moving so I wouldn’t be lazy all day.  I went to Anthropology to find a sweater I saw on someone.  I was planning on treating myself because I thought it would be great throughout the pregnancy.  Well, it stayed at the store because it didn’t look as cute on me as the skinny minny I saw wearing it.  But don’t worry, I didn’t leave empty handed.  I scored a cardi and tank top that were both on sale. If I weren’t prego, I could have done some real damage.  They were having the best sale I have ever seen there—-$20 silk skirts!!!  Run, dont walk ladies!!  After that,  I went to get new shampoo and conditioner and to Gap.  They also had a great sale going on.  I was able to find some maternity clothes.  A $12 black wrap dress!  I can’t wait to wear this week!!

I then got a massage at BaySix in Redwood City.   The massage was followed with Lunch with Claire!  After that I was pretty tired so came home to watch my DVD.  I got the new series of Breaking Bad!  I love this show!  Maybe it is because I love all chemists  🙂  As I watched this, Kudzu slept on the couch while I read my magazine and opened a package from the Op’t Holt’s.

Cindy must have known I was going to buy makeup this weekend!  Anyway, after all that was done I had dinner at my friend Giovanna’s house.  Her husband, Rick, outdid himself with steaks, loaded mash potatoes, and grilled asparagus.  It was yummy!

Now off to do errands before Susan gets here.  I will then continue just being a gal!  BTW, when did country singers get so hot?   I am watching CMT and really happy with the eye candy!



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