I have noticed that my energy level is fine until Thursdays.  On Thursdays, I have trouble keeping my eyes open and have absolutely no energy.  Yesterday was no exception.  When I got home I made dinner and fell asleep watching tv.  I moved to the bedroom around 8pm and fell right asleep.  I didn’t move until 7am this morning. I am still tired today and since I am cutting down my caffeine intake, my iced coffee is not doing the job.  I think this means I need a 3-day work week!

Have a great weekend!  Anyone have any fun plans?  I am getting a massage tomorrow since Bryan will be away.


2 thoughts on “Thursdays=Exhausted

  1. I know the feeling. When I was pregnant it took all I had not to fall asleep at work. Lol! I would come home to take a “nap”, sleep til dinner time and go right back to bed after eating! Lol!

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