I love Diet Coke!  Even more than Diet Coke, I love regular Coke!  I drink Diet Coke to save on the calories.  Since I have been with child, I treat myself to a regular coke at times, especially when it is out of a fountain.  I do not love Diet Coke in a can, but this is what I have at work, I  usually get one at lunch  and drink half of it before throwing it out.

I like coffee.  I have never been a daily coffee drinker, but do drink it a few times a week.  Again, since with child, I have cut back because the thought of coffee was disgusting.  Now I crave it maybe once a week.

Most people think that pregnant women can’t/shouldn’t drink caffeine.  I have heard the studies change every few years and at this time they say it is fine to have caffeine as long as you don’t have too much.  I don’t think an occasional cup of coffee or half a can of DC is too much.

Here is some reading to  learn more about caffeine consumption during pregnancy.  While you are reading, I will go get my daily Diet Coke!

Statement: A pregnant woman should not consume ANY caffeine.

From American Pregnancy Association

Facts: Experts have stated that moderate levels of caffeine have not been found to have a negative effect on pregnancy. The definition of moderate varies anywhere from 150 mg – 300 mg a day.

How much caffeine is in your favorite drinks & snacks?

  • Starbucks Grande Coffee (16 oz) 400 mg
  • Starbucks House Blend Coffee (16 oz) 259 mg
  • Dr. Pepper (12 oz) 37 mg
  • 7 Eleven Big Gulp Diet Coke (32 oz) 124 mg
  • 7 Eleven Big Gulp Coca-Cola (32 oz) 92 mg
  • Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Buzz Ice Cream (8 oz) 72 mg
  • Baker’s chocolate (1 oz) 26 mg
  • Green tea (6 oz) 40 mg
  • Black tea (6 oz) 45 mg
  • Excedrin (per capsule) 65mg



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