Back from Europe!

Well, we are back from Europe! I am still a bit jet-lagged or maybe it is Peanut that is making me so tired. Morning sickness started on the flight over. I knew I wasn’t lucky enough not to have have it. 🙂 Some days were better than others. We got off to a slow start on most days, which was very helpful. I think I ate my body weight in crackers and mini toast while we were there. The only thing I have been craving so far is CARBS! I really want to go to Santa Ramen. I have never wanted Ramen noodles so much and the ones at the grocery store have too much sodium. There are foods that I do not want to eat, like Mexican. This is strange because Mexican is my favorite. I used to eat yogurt everyday, but now the thought of it makes me sick.

I can’t wait until Easter. This is going to be an exciting day. Not only is it the only year ever that Bryan’s birthday is on Easter, but we are telling our families about the pregnancy.


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